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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

At last we meet.....

Another YouTube vid.

Very funny. Meet Chad Vader - lesser known brother of Darth.


Blogger girish said...

Thats is so hilarious, its a big hit at my office today! I wonder if there are more clips of any of his other brothers!!

9:32 AM

Blogger Somu said...

@girish: perhaps not of chad as such :-), but there are quite a few Star Wars spoofs on Youtube...

11:48 AM

Anonymous Rahul said...

LOL!! That was really funny.
Talking about the Vader family ...

Darth Vader: *sssssss* Luke! *sssssss*

Luke: What is it father?

Darth Vader: *sssssss* I know what you're getting for christmas *sssssss*

Luke: But father? How could you possibly know that???

Darth Vader: *sssssss* I feel your presence *sssssss*

10:20 AM


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