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Friday, July 07, 2006

KANK Trailer

Most of you may know that KANK, or Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna for those of us who just don't get this damn acronymisation of Hindi film names, is the new Karan Johar flick out sometime this year.

Happened to watch the trailer on YouTube a while back.

It is obviously a slickly packaged product and has Yashraj written all over it - right from the opening shots of autumn leaves in the wind to the rising dramatic background score. This film is also, if Karan Johar is to be believed, "different" to Karan's previous offerings as it is "me all grown up." Rumour also has it that this film is based on 'Closer.' The question I have is - who's playing the stripper?

I digress.

Back to the trailer.

There is a bit where Abhishek Bachchan gets angry because Rani refuses to sleep with him. Rani tries to tell him that a marriage doesn't mean sharing a bed, it means sharing life. The trailer doesn't show Abhishek's reaction after this, but I'm sure he goes 'Oh, so that's where I was going wrong all this time,' and then goes off to do some housework. Understanding fella and all.

Then about a minute and a bit into the trailer, SRK comes on. "In this house, the only thing that's a bigger failure than I am is our marriage," he says, loftily arching his eyebrows. I say. This is SRK trying to underplay, and he does it pretty badly.

I think Ashutosh Gowariker was reasonably successful in repressing his personality in Swades, but in every other role, he is the same person on screen i.e. SRK.

I used to think being in the position that he is, he should maybe experiment a little more. And no, I don't mean grow a moustache. But now I think he just doesn't know how to do a film which doesn't require him to stand with his arms wide open. Or run in slo-mo.


The second thing that got me in the trailer was an Amitabh shot. He's in a hospital bed mouthing 'mohabbat aur maut, dono bin bulaye mehmaan hain." Instead of bringing a tear to the eye, as I'm sure Karan Johar intended, this scene reminded me of an old email that someone had once sent me entitled 'jeevan ki suktiyan', one of which 'sukti' was 'maut aur tatti, kabhi bhi aa sakte hain.' ROTFLMAO!!!

Having said all that, I'm sure the movie will be a mega success, and I'll probably end up watching it as well.

And I'm also sure I'll get loads of flames for criticising The Khan. (Ed: You wish - if there was any traffic at all to this site.) Bring it on.


Blogger girish said...

no doubt man, when you hear Amitabh say that dialogue, the other "Maut and T***ti" thing comes straight to your mind. In fact for me my mind jogged a bit further and dished out this too..."**** and Khatiya kabhi bhi khade ho sakte hai"

11:11 AM


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