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Thursday, July 06, 2006

France are through...

...beating Portugal 1-0.

Scolari is not a happy camper.

Ricardo, the nemesis of English strikers, finally fails to save a goal, but then again this time the striker was Zidane.

The English must be experiencing mixed emotions - happy that Portugal is out, but beaten by..... France??

Incidentally, read here that the Enlgish are boycotting holidays in Portugal.

England fans seeking solace from their World Cup woes are shunning Portugal as a holiday destination after the national squad knocked England out of the tournament, travel agents said on Tuesday.

Hmm... I bet the Portuguese are disappointed by this reaction. Damn! No more English tourists getting drunk, throwing up in the middle of the street, and generally making asses of themselves? That's a bummer! Can we have a re-match please?

Read here that some enterprising person had put Cristiano Ronaldo up on Ebay. The entry read "One Ex Manchester united Player (Cheat)"
Ebay have taken it off now, but bidding had reached £10K at one stage...

Also read this about rumours of a vote-rigging campaign to prevent C. Ronaldo from winning the FIFA Best Young Player Award.

PS. I posted this last night but it didn't show up, problem with Blogger I expect...


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